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    TweebaaTweebaa is a breakthrough E-commerce platform that inspires creativeness by bringing ideas to life and new products to worldwide marketplace. Join us today and together we build a creative planet.

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    International BusinessOver the past decade, Leivaire Group has accomplished a tremendous amount of transactions throughout North America and Europe. We have earned a sterling reputation from our clients in many areas and have teamed up with partners from all over the world

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    Real Estate AcademyLeivaire has established a solid relationship with the Florida state government. Currently we are negotiating the development and construction of a Chinatown in that state. In the near future our creative business plan will be approved by their immigration office.

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    Established in 2002, Leivaire Inc. has its global headquarters located in Toronto, Canada. The Leivaire Group has independently operated subsidiaries in USA, United Kingdom, Mexico and China. The company’s business streams include e-commerce, international trading and sourcing, real estate education, patent and intellectual property rights and cloud computing management services.