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Tweebaa’s mission is to empower and monetize everybody’s potential, provide free exposure to products and services making it reach more and more consumers worldwide with ZERO marketing cost. We have redefined E-commerce as Earning Commerce - a platform of unlimited earning opportunities. Everyone in Tweebaa is a Zero Investment Partner, sharing a collaborative partnership between people looking to monetize their potential and business looking to grow globally at no cost.

Tweebaa Earning Commerce is designed for everyone, including entrepreneurs, inventors, manufacturers, consumers, career seekers, and homemakers. Tweebaa gives everyone a way to earn through SHARING. Share the products you like in our Suggest section. Share your feedback about new products in Evaluate section and share the cool tweebaa items with your friends in social media. Each of these activities means earning for you without any efforts. We simplify Earning!

Tweebaa also have made it easy for everyone to start their own business without any risk or investment, that’s Tweebaa Earning Retailer, anyone can create their personal store using our simple tool and sell online through multiple channels such as social media platform, personal network or free online store. No need to bother about inventory, shipping & handling or returns. Tweebaa takes care of everything. We also developed mobile App to allow Earning Retailer members to easily share and sell products by creating QR Code, and fully utilize their social network to obtain earning opportunities. We also provide effective tools to allow members to build their own brand, share their moments and enhance their influence among their social network.

We partner with manufacturers and suppliers, and allow them to join as Earning Seller and/or Earning Warehouse and connect them directly with the final consumers anywhere in the world without huge resources. Tweebaa takes care of marketing, sales, customer service and also logistics for our partners, and offers M2C revolution.