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Established in 2002, Leivaire Inc. has its global headquarters located in Toronto, Canada. The Leivaire Group has independently operated subsidiaries in USA, United Kingdom, Mexico and China. The company’s business streams include e-commerce, international trading, real estate education, patent and intellectual property rights and cloud computing management services.

MoreInnovative Product Ideas

Since 2002, Leivaire has helped hundreds inventors bring thousands of products to market. Leivaire’s design, manufacturing and promotion of products on the global market have won the company recognition from inventors around the world.

MoreProduct Design and Development

Leivaire’s outstanding product design and development team has a mandate to develop innovative products for our clients, allowing them to achieve a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

MoreProduct Manufacturing

We have multiple manufacturing bases throughout China. We take pride in our advanced machinery and equipment, high product quality, rich technical experience and one-stop service through our industrial supply chain.


With a unique a quotation procedure and effective performance measurements, Leivaire’s procurement and bargaining power is exceptionally strong. Leivaire clients always acquire quality goods at lower prices.

MoreQuality Control

Our quality control team is made up of only seasoned engineers with production and quality management experience. Our goal is to always improve our client’s market competitiveness through reduced costs!

MoreGlobal Logistics

Leivaire’s logistics team provides customer-specific and secure solutions for buyers worldwide. Our logistics team provides door-to-door service, sea and air transportation, customs clearance, and inland transportation to our clients’ warehouse. All aspects of the logistics chain are created by Leivaire to save our clients time and money.

MoreGlobal Marketing

Leivaire’s marketing team is a collection of highly knowledgeable professionals who understand the global marketplace. This team has worked together for years cultivating loyal associations around the world that develop unique market exploration channels.

MorePatent and Intellectual Rights

Patent and IP grants can protect an enterprise or individual’s rights. Our team will become your most reliable partner by helping you find the most suitable way to protect yourself against infringement. Our specialists in China and overseas have worked as agents of patent application for years and have a thorough knowledge of the industry. Leivaire has established high level business relationships with multiple well-known enterprises and patent and trademark agents.